ยป Limo Service Bronx to Westchester Cty: Certified Connections for Exclusive Transfers

Limo Service Bronx to Westchester Cty: Certified Connections for Exclusive Transfers (Save Time and Money Today!)

Are you a traveler seeking the epitome of comfort and style in your airport transfer? Look no further than the luxury limousine services that connect Bronx, New York, to Westchester Cty Airport, New York. Whether you’re a frequent flyer or a first-time visitor to the city, choosing the right limo service can make all the difference in your travel experience.

The Journey: From Bronx, New York to Westchester Cty Airport

Embarking on a journey that covers a distance of approximately 22.7 miles, the road from Bronx, New York, to Westchester Cty Airport can be challenging to navigate, especially during peak travel times. With average traffic conditions, the journey typically takes around 33 minutes. However, with the right limo service, you can enjoy a smooth and comfortable ride, arriving at your destination refreshed and relaxed.

Limo Service Providers: A Comparison

When it comes to selecting the best limo service for your airport transfer, two prominent options in the Bronx, New York area are Salam Limo Service and Ny Limo Transport Corp.

Salam Limo Service

Contact Details: Website:, Phone: +1 518-977-8916

Salam Limo Service takes pride in providing exceptional transportation solutions, with a focus on customer satisfaction. Their commitment to reliability and luxurious comfort sets them apart from the competition. With a diverse fleet of well-maintained vehicles, Salam Limo Service offers a range of options to suit your preferences and needs. Their professional and experienced chauffeurs ensure a safe and enjoyable journey, taking care of every detail along the way. Additionally, Salam Limo Service offers competitive pricing and convenient online booking, making your travel experience seamless from start to finish.

Ny Limo Transport Corp

Ny Limo Transport Corp is another reputable limo service provider in the area. While they offer a range of transportation options, including limousines and luxury sedans, their availability may be limited compared to Salam Limo Service. Although their pricing is competitive, it’s crucial to book in advance to secure your preferred vehicle. Ny Limo Transport Corp also has a strong reputation for delivering a comfortable and reliable service with professional chauffeurs.

The Advantages of Choosing Salam Limo Service

While both Salam Limo Service and Ny Limo Transport Corp offer quality limo services, there are several advantages that set Salam Limo Service above the competition:


  • Salam Limo Service is known for its punctuality and dependability. They understand the importance of arriving at the airport on time, eliminating stress and ensuring a seamless travel experience.
  • Their professional chauffeurs are skilled in navigating through Bronx, New York traffic, guaranteeing that you arrive at your destination promptly.

Luxurious Comfort

  • Salam Limo Service offers a fleet of well-equipped vehicles designed for luxury and comfort.
  • From plush leather seats to spacious interiors, every detail is tailored to provide guests with a premium travel experience.

Customer Satisfaction

  • Salam Limo Service prioritizes customer satisfaction and strives to exceed expectations.
  • Their attentive and friendly staff are dedicated to making your journey as enjoyable as possible, ensuring that all your needs are met.

Summary Table: Key Information and Benefits

Limo ServiceContact DetailsAvailabilityPricingVehicle SelectionUnique Services
Salam Limo Service,
Phone: +1 518-977-8916
High availabilityCompetitive pricingDiverse fleet of luxury vehiclesConvenient online booking
Ny Limo Transport Corpny-limo-transport
Phone: +1 718-931-6900
Limited availabilityCompetitive pricingLuxury sedans and limousinesProfessional chauffeurs


When it comes to airport transfers that epitomize luxury, comfort, and reliability, Salam Limo Service stands out as the premier choice in the Bronx, New York area. With their commitment to customer satisfaction, diverse fleet, competitive pricing, and professional chauffeurs, Salam Limo Service guarantees a premium travel experience from your doorstep to Westchester Cty Airport.

Save time and money today by booking your exclusive limo service with Salam Limo Service. Visit their website at or call +1 518-977-8916 to experience the ultimate in luxury transportation.

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