ยป Taking the T in Fort Worth: what you need to know

Fort Worth, Texas, is a vibrant city with a rich history and a thriving economy. As the city continues to grow, so does the need for efficient and reliable transportation options. One such option is the T, Fort Worth’s public transportation system. Whether you’re a resident or a visitor, understanding how to navigate the T can greatly enhance your experience in the city. In this article, we will explore everything you need to know about taking the T in Fort Worth.

1. What is the T?

The T, short for Trinity Metro, is the public transportation system serving Fort Worth and its surrounding areas. It offers a variety of services, including buses, commuter rail, and paratransit services. The T aims to provide convenient and affordable transportation options for residents and visitors alike.

2. Types of Services

The T offers several types of services to cater to different transportation needs:

  • Bus Service: The T operates an extensive network of bus routes throughout Fort Worth and neighboring cities. Buses run on fixed schedules and provide a cost-effective way to travel within the region.
  • Commuter Rail: The TEXRail is a commuter rail line that connects downtown Fort Worth with Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport. It offers a convenient and efficient way to travel between the two locations.
  • Paratransit Services: The T also provides paratransit services for individuals with disabilities who are unable to use regular bus services. These services require advance reservations and offer door-to-door transportation.

3. Fares and Payment Options

Understanding the fare structure and payment options is essential when using the T. Here are some key points to know:

  • The T operates on a zone-based fare system for bus services. The fare varies depending on the number of zones traveled.
  • TEXRail has a separate fare structure, with different rates for various destinations.
  • Payment options include cash, mobile ticketing apps, and reloadable fare cards. It’s important to have the correct fare or a valid ticket before boarding.
  • Discounted fares are available for seniors, students, and individuals with disabilities.

4. Schedules and Timings

Being aware of the T’s schedules and timings can help you plan your trips effectively. Here’s what you need to know:

  • Bus schedules can be accessed through the T’s website or mobile apps. It’s advisable to check the schedule in advance, as buses may not run as frequently during off-peak hours or on weekends.
  • TEXRail operates from early morning until late evening, with trains running at regular intervals. It’s recommended to check the schedule to ensure you don’t miss a train.
  • Paratransit services require advance reservations, and it’s important to book your trip well in advance to secure your preferred time slot.

5. Accessibility and Amenities

The T is committed to providing accessible transportation for all passengers. Here are some features and amenities offered:

  • All buses and trains are equipped with ramps or lifts to accommodate passengers with mobility devices.
  • Accessible seating and designated areas for individuals with disabilities are available on all vehicles.
  • TEXRail trains offer spacious seating, free Wi-Fi, and power outlets for passenger convenience.
  • Real-time arrival information and updates are provided through the T’s website and mobile apps.


Here are some frequently asked questions about taking the T in Fort Worth:

  • Q: Can I bring my bicycle on the bus?
    A: Yes, the T allows bicycles on buses. However, there are certain restrictions and guidelines to follow. Read more.
  • Q: Are there discounted fares for students?
    A: Yes, students can avail discounted fares by presenting a valid student ID. Read more.
  • Q: Can I use the same ticket for both bus and rail services?
    A: No, separate tickets are required for bus and rail services. Read more.
  • Q: Is the T accessible for individuals with visual impairments?
    A: Yes, the T provides audio announcements and Braille signage to assist individuals with visual impairments. Read more.
  • Q: Can I bring my service animal on board?
    A: Yes, service animals are allowed on all T vehicles. Read more.


Taking the T in Fort Worth is a convenient and affordable way to navigate the city and its surroundings. Whether you’re commuting to work, exploring local attractions, or simply getting around, the T offers a range of services to meet your transportation needs. By understanding the fare structure, schedules, and accessibility features, you can make the most of your T experience. So hop on board and discover all that Fort Worth has to offer with the T!

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