ยป The best bike routes in Columbus

The Best Bike Routes in Columbus

Columbus, Ohio, is a city known for its vibrant biking community and extensive network of bike routes. Whether you’re a seasoned cyclist or just looking to explore the city on two wheels, Columbus offers a variety of scenic and well-maintained bike paths. In this article, we will explore some of the best bike routes in Columbus, highlighting their unique features and attractions along the way.

1. Olentangy Trail

The Olentangy Trail is one of the most popular bike routes in Columbus, stretching over 13 miles from Worthington to downtown Columbus. This scenic trail follows the Olentangy River, offering beautiful views of the water and surrounding greenery. Along the way, cyclists can enjoy several parks, including Antrim Park and Whetstone Park, which provide opportunities for rest and relaxation. The Olentangy Trail is also conveniently located near Ohio State University, making it a favorite among students and faculty.

2. Scioto Trail

The Scioto Trail is another must-visit bike route in Columbus, spanning approximately 12 miles from downtown Columbus to Grove City. This trail follows the Scioto River, offering stunning views of the city skyline and the riverfront. Cyclists can enjoy a mix of urban and natural scenery as they pass through parks, including Scioto Audubon Metro Park and Scioto Mile. The Scioto Trail is also connected to the Olentangy Trail, providing cyclists with the option to extend their ride and explore even more of Columbus.

3. Alum Creek Trail

If you’re looking for a longer ride, the Alum Creek Trail is a fantastic option. This trail spans over 22 miles, starting from Westerville and ending at Three Creeks Metro Park. The Alum Creek Trail offers a mix of wooded areas, open fields, and scenic lake views. Along the way, cyclists can stop at various parks, including Inniswood Metro Gardens and Blendon Woods Metro Park, to take a break and enjoy the natural surroundings. This trail is also popular among birdwatchers, as it passes through several bird sanctuaries.

4. Camp Chase Trail

The Camp Chase Trail is a historic bike route that follows the path of the former Camp Chase railroad. This 16-mile trail starts in downtown Columbus and extends to the outskirts of London, Ohio. Along the way, cyclists can learn about the area’s history and visit the Camp Chase Confederate Cemetery, which serves as a memorial to Confederate soldiers who died at the camp during the Civil War. The Camp Chase Trail offers a unique blend of history and nature, making it a fascinating route for both history buffs and outdoor enthusiasts.

5. Heritage Rail-Trail

The Heritage Rail-Trail is a scenic bike route that follows the path of a former railway line. This 6-mile trail starts in Westerville and ends in Galena, Ohio. Cyclists can enjoy picturesque views of farmland, forests, and streams as they ride along the trail. The Heritage Rail-Trail is also connected to the Hoover Dam Recreation Area, which offers additional opportunities for outdoor activities such as hiking and fishing. This trail is perfect for those seeking a peaceful and serene biking experience.


  • Q: Are these bike routes suitable for all skill levels?
  • A: Yes, these bike routes cater to cyclists of all skill levels. They offer a mix of flat and hilly terrain, allowing riders to choose routes that suit their abilities.
  • Q: Are the bike routes well-maintained?
  • A: Yes, the bike routes in Columbus are well-maintained and regularly inspected to ensure a safe and enjoyable riding experience.
  • Q: Can I rent a bike in Columbus?
  • A: Yes, there are several bike rental shops in Columbus that offer a variety of bikes for rent, including traditional bicycles and electric bikes.
  • Q: Are there bike-friendly amenities along the routes?
  • A: Yes, many of the bike routes in Columbus are equipped with amenities such as water fountains, restrooms, and picnic areas.
  • Q: Are the bike routes crowded?
  • A: The popularity of the bike routes varies depending on the time of day and season. It is advisable to plan your ride during off-peak hours to avoid heavy crowds.


Columbus, Ohio, offers a plethora of fantastic bike routes that cater to cyclists of all skill levels. From the scenic Olentangy Trail to the historic Camp Chase Trail, there is something for everyone to enjoy. Whether you’re a local resident or a visitor to the city, exploring Columbus on two wheels is a great way to experience its natural beauty and vibrant community. So grab your bike, hit the trails, and discover the best bike routes that Columbus has to offer!

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